Monday, 29 February 2016

Runshapers. Who wouldn't love them?

Runshapers are pretty sweet. The truth is, I have always had a thing for them. In Runes of War in particular, they are my go to guys to get work done. Now, with Trembler, let's talk about their role in the post Wardergate meta.

First, lets talk points. Four points for three dudes. Three dudes with tough, base arm 15 (so 17 under stone), pathfinder, steady, a magical weapon and five boxes. Effectively, they become an arm 17 mini unit with rules I would love many other trolls to have. I could take six of them (two units) to replace Warders. Yes they would have less Arm, but I have found they can still take a bit from most infantry. Steady is where they shine. Passing tough rolls and still being on their feet makes them even harder to remove. But wait, havn't I forgot something?

Magic mother fucker. Magic. Glorious fucking magic. 

Rock Hammer is great for getting cheeky knock downs on heavies, destroying objectives and clearing infantry which hasn't been positioned sensibly. I have set up assassination runs with the KD, scenario wins with removing the objective and got up on scenario by clearing single wound infantry (yes you Infiltrators). However, the reason I'm writing this post is because of the rescent errata.

A few months ago, Trollpocolypse happened. But here is the thing, it didn't really happen. Runeshapers got a Trembler. You can't do it on a charge. You only have just over a 5inch threat range with it. You don't even cause damage. 

The weekend after this, I played my first game of Runes for a while. Three points for Runeshapers is great. Force lock is great. Trembler is... you guest it. 

With Trembler, I got so much work done by freeing up units, ensuring beasts were knocked down to kill and causing troops to just stand up and do fuck all. Not only that, but I was able to ensure my Earthborn could snack on a shredder, my Runshapers held a flank against Hex hunters and a Forsaken was ineffective late game. Moving so I was just outside of mele meant that my Runshapers could KD without the threat of being hit back the following turn.

Overall, I feel that Runeshapers are now even more potent. They helped set up so many piece trades at smog con.  I am planning on using them in many other lists, including an adaption of my grissle1 dude spam.

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